c Ashika Group - Growing & Sharing With You

Our Culture

Everything we do at Ashika is guided by our motto. "Growing and sharing with you". This holds true, whether it is our team, their families, our clients, and the larger community for over 28 years.

Fairness & Goodwill is in our DNA

We operate with complete transparency, and go beyond our call of duty to help you get unstuck, make the right decisions, and thrive; we've done this at every step, starting from our first day 28 years ago. Balancing their needs (the ones they articulate and the ones they haven't even identified yet), compliance, and risk, think like an owner to create long-term shareholder value. Soon, we will share our case studies on how we've made all this happen.

Here, we always ask - are we doing right by our people holistically?

Always Learning. Always Evolving

We believe that lifelong learning is paramount in a world that is moving at unprecedented speeds, and especially in an industry like ours. We help our teams with learning opportunities, salons, and fireside chats with experts and encourage them to be curious; allowing them to learn and apply new methods, mindsets, tools, and perspectives to create new products, better serve our customers and prepare them to succeed throughout change and disruption.

We ask, why is this the way it is, and how might we make sense of this better?

Taking Charge

Our teams are our intrapreneurs and given a level of autonomy to take responsibility and action to shape Ashika's future. To create value and wealth for everybody, our team goes beyond the call of duty to recognize what they're saying and what they're 'really' saying. And it shows. We've created 12 touchpoints for customers to interact with us and make better decisions.

Our team regularly asks - How might we add more value to our team, clients, and community?

Growth is Purpose-Driven

Every leader will be supported with a personal Growth & Leadership Plan so their journey is shaped by their purpose and how they define success.

We want to make sure that our teams are driven by purpose and help them find their unique contribution to the organization and that it fits holistically with their life's plans.

This approach helps them align themselves with their strengths and passions so they're aligned to their true-north, even when the world is in flux. Ashika proudly boasts one of the highest retention ratios in the broking industry. More than 40% of Ashika's employees have been associated with the company for more than 4 years.

We ask - Why? Why do we do what we do? What energizes us? What is our role in this grand vision?

Bringing Balance

For a high-intensity work environment, we need the perfect rituals to reduce stress, optimize for work-life balance, and sustaining energies. We're starting a new employee wellbeing series where we do workshops with guided habits on mental health, mindfulness, financial wellbeing, leadership, and more.

We're also going to begin 'Shine Evenings' where celebrate our wins collectively, and individually and create a platform to acknowledge our teams the way they want