Collaborate With Us

At Ashika, we want to create, nurture and amplify the ecosystem and the community we work with. We want to work with the right partners that share our values, ethos and culture. What we promise in return is transparency, goodwill and relentless support.

Business Partners

We truly believe that Ashika can offer you the best possible springboard to a fruitful career in the financial services industry. It enjoys a great reputation, a fabulous work culture and best-in-class compensation. Know more to understand our requirements and practices to join our team.


We believe that this segment of our stakeholder group is as important as our employees or customers, if not more. We have an impartial & just procurement policy and provide a fair chance to all of our vendors for their product or service.


Keeping our ethos in cognisance, we have always tried to follow best in industry practices for our investors, including our customers. Our Investor Relations team can share how we can help grow your wealth and meet your financial goals and delight you in the process.

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If you feel that Ashika could serve some person or organisation in any way, we would be happy to know about it. Please fill the form in this section and don't forget to provide your own details so we could send you a small token of appreciation.