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Since investors are not satisfied with the traditional investment avenues like bank FD, NSC, Govt. Bonds, etc, one needs to look for other safe investment alternatives. Mutual funds offer the ideal platform for generating better returns after some thoughtful investment. At Ashika, our financial advisors help you choose the best funds according to your appetite.

Ashika Stock Broking Ltd. is an AMFI registered distributor of Mutual Funds. MFs provide the investor a cost efficient way to take exposure to equity, debt, gold, real estate and many such assets which otherwise require huge amounts to be invested in. The investments are made in congruence to the laid down investment objectives securing the goals & objectives of the unit holders.

Innumerable Funds

However, with the number of investment plans out there in the market and the lack of proper assistance to help investors decide on the right investment for them, it has become increasingly difficult to find the right fund to invest in. Rankings and ratings change frequently, and decisions based on them lead to frequent changing of the portfolio thus adding to transaction costs and taxes.

In order to make sound financial investments, Ashika provides the following services to its clients:

  • Recommendations based on in-depth research, professional performance tracking and fund ratings.
  • Dedicated mutual fund advisors to understand your needs and building a prudent portfolio.

Get the latest MF news, rankings, NAVs, returns and much more by clicking here. We will also be launching the facility to help you apply online for Mutual Funds and will update all clients about it soon.

For more on our USPs and differentiating factors, please click on Why Ashika. The section talks of the aspects that set us apart from other financial service providers.

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