14 July 2020
The Growth Story: India’s Demographic Sweet Spot Is Real, But We Can Do With A Little More Quality

While showcasing the quantitative aspects of India’s demographic sweet spot, it is also important to draw attention to the qualitative aspect in terms of basic social infrastructure.

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23 April 2020
Why India’s small enterprises need a Covid-19 rescue act

Liquidity issues arising from delayed payments and unsold goods was cited as the biggest reason.

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05 December 2019
The RBI and government must do whatever it takes to end the demand slump

The RBI governor mentioned he’s willing to do “whatever it takes”. He has to follow this up. The government for its part has to nudge small savings and deposit rates lower to help transmission.

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10 October 2019
Sovereign wealth fund could boost India’s economy

An external sovereign wealth fund (SWF) could convert some of India’s reserves into global equities, real estate and corporate debt through liquid index funds. Mint probes whether the country really needs an SWF.

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02 October 2019
Monetary Policy Tweak: Why The RBI Needs A Real Rate Framework

What has our Monetary Policy Framework achieved? One of the highest real interest rates in the world! There’s a need to revise the monetary framework and give the MPC a ‘soft’ dual mandate of inflation and growth targets.

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26 September 2019
Investing better in citizens is key to India’s growth

Population pyramids, which show the age and sex distribution of any country, help us understand how demographic transition plays out and speculate about its medium-term economic prospects. Mint takes a look at the pyramids for India and China and their implications.

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20 September 2019
New securities are an alternative to student debt

HCCs are securities that give access to a specified fraction of an individual’s or a group’s future incomes for a fixed period in return for a lump sum payment today.

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13 June 2019
Passing the tax smell test

Subramanian’s growth claims would imply a strange boost in tax to GDP ratio.

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