Alternative Investment Fund

Ashika India Alpha

is the maiden scheme launched by our Category III AIF, Ashika Alternative Investments. The scheme is open-ended, allowing an investor to enter at any stage of the fund’s life.

Long only

Given our outlook on India’s financialisation and political economy, we believe a long only strategy will give us the highest returns over time while reducing our tax burden.

Equity Focus

Equities are likely to provide higher long-term total returns compared to fixed income, gold, and unlevered real estate or commodities.

No leverage

We like to sleep peacefully, and believe that so should you. We have no “get rich quick” schemes on offer.

Multi-Cap Specialisation

We believe in investing in future potential market leaders rather than only in the existing market leaders, and in niche industries or segments not just very broad industries.

Concentrated Portfolio

True alpha can only be generated with deep research and understanding of potential future leaders. We maintain a portfolio of few companies which we diligently track and invest in for the long term.

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