At Ashika Wealth, we demystify all financial products on the parameter of simplicity, transparency and taxation. We analyze each asset class and product categories with their past record of performance and future potential of generating returns for our investors. We try to create alpha for our investors with timely switch across all asset class and product categories.

At a broad level, the classification of all the product categories is given below.

Tentative CAGR
(Post Tax)
Simplicity for
tax filling
3 Years 5 Years
Equity Mutual Funds
with Active switch
16% 14% 100% Liquid Complete 10%-15% Convenient
Debt Mutual Funds 7% 9% 100% Liquid Complete 20% with
Bond/Debenrtures 8% 8% Partially Liquid Complete 10%-30%
(plus surcharge)
Alternate Investment Funds (AIF) 11% 12% Partially Liquid Partial 15% to 35% Very Complex
Portfolio Management Services (PMS) 18% 21% Partially Liquid Partial 10% to 15% Complex
NIFTY Linked
Structured Products
(absolute returns*)
(absolute returns*)
- Complete 10% - 30% Convenient
Real Estate
Structured Products
- 11% Not Liquid Partial 32% Complex
Real Estate Physical - - Partially Liquid Complete LTCG Convenient
Gold 3.9% 1.8% 100% Liquid Complete LTCG Convenient
New Age Start-up - 30% - Partial 35% Very Complex

* Data as on 31st March, 2018