What We Do - Currency Trading

We enable our clients to seize investment opportunities in the world's most traded financial instrument, currencies. We facilitate futures and options trade in the currency market. Now, hedge your currency risk with Ashika at your behest to grow and remain risk-free.

Ashika Stock Broking Ltd. is a trading member of NSE – Currency Segment and MCX-SX – Currency Segment and provides broking services for corporations and individuals who want to hedge their positions or speculate on the prices on the basis of sentiments affecting the global markets. View the latest fluctuations in the currency markets and their related news by clicking here.

What is currency trading?

While trade is international, currencies are national. International transactions are conducted in global currencies, which are bought and sold against one another. This is currency trading.

Why Currency Futures?

We help you trade in the futures markets of currency. Trading in the currency futures market enjoys a few benefits such as Small investment size, Low volatility, Low margin, Better rates than forward markets, etc.

Best suited for

  • SMEs or Individuals involved in Imports and/or Exports
  • Corporate and Institutions involved in Imports and/or Exports and anybody else who has foreign currency exposure

How Ashika helps you?

We bring to the table specialisation and experience, complemented by high-quality service.

  • Dedicated relationship managers will take care of your specific needs.
  • A vast network of pan-India offices will give you an added advantage.
  • Research and analysis that will take care of the risk quotient.

For more on our USPs and differentiating factors, please click on Why Ashika. The section talks of the aspects that set us apart from other financial service providers.

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For further details, write to us at services@ashikagroup.com with the subject line reading ‘Details on Currency Trading’ or contact our customer care team.

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