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With more than 400 business locations across more than 17 states in the country and a client base of over 95,000 , Ashika is known for its everlasting and sturdy relationships with all its Business Partners. We believe the Right Vision, Right Partnership and Right Business Model are the key constituents that enables a relationship to go a long way and create a win-win situation.


After almost two decades of innovation,committed efforts and continuous improvement in our services, AshikaGroup has transformed into a financial services powerhouse offering a comprehensive range of capital market products & services.Now again, the group is aggressively expanding its business byincreasing the Business Partner network across the country.

We therefore invite you to join hands with us as our Business Partner so that we can ‘grow & share with you’.You can read the following to understand more about the benefits and advantages that we can provide to you for your success.

Business Model

This industry has a very unique and lucrative business model. The scale and fame that can be attained in this model of business is quite incomparable considering the capital required. The amount of time taken to launchthis business, touch breakeven and eventually achievea pleasing level of profitability and consistent growth is considerably shorter than any other financial service business.

How do our Partners Benefit

As a part of the Ashika family, we will provide youwith the right tools and support to grow your business – Pre-commencement as well asOn-going.We ensure that our business partners excel in their entrepreneurial venture.

Some of the services we will provide are:

  • Dedicated team from the head office for business support.
  • In house developed management application, Sahayak, to take care of all your needs.
  • Cohesive Back-Office Software, Client-wise Risk Management Solutions and D.P. software.
  • Independent and in house Fundamental & Technical advisory providing investing & trading ideas to drive your sales through creation of trading opportunities for your clients.
  • Day-to-day advisory calls through Mails and SMS.
  • Training on products, back office, compliance and risk management.
  • Cutting-edge Technology & Infrastructure platform to meet highest standards of customer service.
  • Far-reaching& effective Marketing and Business Development support.
  • Extensive & continuous training on all our products & services.
  • Access to all our products & services, including lines of business that may not be a part of the standard.
  • Latest technology to provide continuous& speedy trading connectivity to all our business partners, across the country.


Who can be a Ashika Group Business Partner

  • A person with integrity, who is enthusiastic, forward looking and aggressive in sales and has a good understanding of the capital markets and the regulatory environment.
  • An entity (Individual, Company or Partnership firm) of repute in business andsocial circle with a good client base or potential contacts.
  • Minimum 1-2 years of experience in selling financial products and services as a Sub-broker / Remisier / Mutual Fund Distributor / Insurance Advisor / Financial Planner or an employee of a Broker / Sub-broker.
  • All things considered, the person has to have entrepreneurial skills.


  • Reasonably sized office space preferably in a prime location of the city/town.
  • Desktop with ISDN/VSAT connectivity required to set up a trading terminal and back office systems.

If the there is a constraint in attaining any of the above infrastructures, we can help you acquire them or sort a way out.


To know more about us and to be our Business Partner/Associate, please provide us the details to get in touch with you by filling up the form

Our Business Partner scheme is a unique business proposition for dynamic entrepreneurs like you.We look forward to fruitful association with you.

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