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Times when you lose the confidence in investing your hard-earned money in any other market, you should lock your money at high rates by investing in the debt market. In addition, you have zero risk given that your capital is protected in a debt instrument. Ashika provides you easy access to such markets so that you can grow even in difficult times.

Bonds can provide you all the three benefits of capital protection, growth, and tax-saving.

We deal in bonds which facilitate tax exemptions for investors under different sections of the Income Tax Act and the Wealth Tax Act. Moreover, we also deal in bonds (debentures, etc.) issued by corporations from time to time. Click here to view issues that are currently open and download the forms to apply.

To know our USPs and differentiating factors, please click on Why Ashika. The section talks of the aspects that set us apart from other financial service providers.

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For further details, write to us at services@ashikagroup.com with the subject line reading ‘Details on Bonds’ or contact our customer care team.

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