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Alternative Investment Funds are privately pooled investment vehicles with better flexibility and more investing capabilities than mutual funds. AIFs include Angel Funds, Venture Capitals, Private Equity, and Hedge Funds. Hedge Funds, or Category III AIFs, can invest across various asset classes such as equities, bonds, commodities, and derivatives. They also have the opportunity to employ leverage or even to invest in start-ups or unlisted securities to some extent. Investors benefit by investing in such funds because it provides greater diversification, reducing risk and/or providing greater returns depending on the fund's strategy.

Ashika's India Alpha Fund is a Category III AIF that is focused on public markets investing with an eye for great growth stocks at a reasonable price. We bring a value-focused and private-equity style commercial due diligence approach to public markets investing by not indulging in any unreasonable leverage or short-term speculation. Given our genesis in the Ashika group, transparent communication and ethical dealing with all stakeholders - over and above what legal compliance demands - is our number one priority. We are here to build a business franchise for generations, and that means dealing with you fairly.

We are an open-ended scheme that is managed by a team that is led by experts with global experience and a local grasp. Our fund focuses more on delivering great returns for our investors rather than increasing the assets under management. While our fund is mainly long-only equity, the fund is also open-minded towards investing in other asset classes or employing complex investing strategies depending on the situation so long as risk management is prioritized. We do not believe in levering our positions using margin financing or selling naked options - we like to sleep well, and want our investor-clients to do so as well. If and when we launch such a scheme, we will underline the risks in bold.

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