ACCL - Familiarization Programme

Familiarisation Programme For Independent Directors

The Company has taken up this initiative pursuant to clause 49(II) (B) (7) of Listing Agreement as per directive of Securities and Exchange Board of India vide Circular no. CIR/CFD/POLICY CELL/7/2014 dated September 15, 2014 issued for listed companies.


The Familiarization Programme (“hereinafter referred as Programme”) formulated with the objective of making the Independent Directors of the Company accustomed with the business and operations of the company through various structured Orientation programme.

The Programme has been designed considering the specific needs of contemporary corporate governance and the expected obligations of Independent Directors in view of the onerous responsibility conferred by the Companies Act, 2013 and the Listing Agreement as amended from time to time. The company may organize familiarization programme on structured module to update the Independent Directors and shall organize an induction program on joining of an Independent director to familiarize them with the following aspect:

  • Roles, Rights and Responsibilities
  • Board dynamics & functions
  • Human Resource management
  • Nature of the Industry in which Company operates
  • Business Model of Company
  • Financial Performance, Budgeting and Planning

The programme essentially has two broad components–technical and behavioral. The technical component shall enable the participants to understand Company’s business, Strategies, Regulatory aspects, Industry dynamics and its growth plans and prepare them for an active role in Company.

The behavioral component shall empower the participants to understand board procedures and help them to be effective in board activities. The Programme also aims to offer a conceptual framework based upon current expectations which require the Independent Directors to adhere to a code and standard of ethics and integrity for fulfillment of their responsibilities in a professional and faithful manner to promote confidence of the investment community shareholders, regulatory authorities and the stakeholders at large.

All Board Members are promptly updated on any change and new development with regard to relevant regulatory requirement such as SEBI Regulations, Companies Act, RBI (acts & rules), listing agreements etc.


The Familiarization programme for Independent Directors will be administered and monitored by Managing Director (CEO), Chief Financial Officer and Company Secretary of the Company.

Programme and disclosure

  • Familiarization programme will be conducted “as needed” basis during the year.
  • As and when familiarization programme is conducted, the details of the same will be disclosed on the website of the Company.
  • A link in the annual report shall also be given.

Details of Familiarization Programme Conducted