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The Ashika Group at a Glance

The Ashika Group is one of the most prominent financial service providers in India.

The Group recognises that the financial services space warrants sensitivity, responsiveness and adaptability.

In line with these needs, the Group services the growing need of customers and investors with a complement of speed, choice, knowledge, personalisation, and technology.

Emphasising the point that when it comes to the complex space of investing, the Group is competently positioned as a friend, philosopher and guide.

The Group address the widening needs of clients through products extending from security trading and corporate lending to depository, distribution and investment banking. These services are stewarded by experienced professionals and customer-focused employees. More importantly, these services are delivered through the over-rising priority that the customer’s interest comes first.

The Ashika Group entered the business of financial services in 1994 through the formation of its flagship Ashika Credit Capital Limited. In a sector marked by high mortality, the Group has survived and succeeded through a proactive investment in people, prudence, processes and practices.

The result is in the numbers: what started as a team of 10 is now 200; what started as a handful of clients is now more than 100,000 across India; what commenced as a local outfit now comprises a pan-India network of 400 sub-brokers and Business Partner; what started as a fledgling business across a few locations now covers 600 locations across 20 states.

The flagship of the Ashika Group is Ashika Credit Capital Limited, an RBI-registered non-deposit-taking non-banking financial company converted into a public limited company in 1996. The Company is engaged in fund-based activities - providing loans and advances, inter-corporate deposits, and loans against securities and investments in shares and securities.

Ashika Credit Capital Limited’s services are widely available for the benefit of individuals, corporate and financial institutions across India.The Company has been promoted by Mr. Pawan Jain and Mr. Daulat Jain, who possess a cumulative multi-decade experience in the Indian financial services industry.

Our Vision

To be a globally recognized financial advisor, leveraging the best of technology, people and ideas.

Our Mission

To reach our vision with integrity, honesty and fairness to all stakeholders viz clients, employees, business associates, regulatory authorities and society.

Our Ethos

Trust & Relationship

Growth & Innovation

Excellence & Passion

Diversity & Team Work



Our Philosophy

Ashika is not just about a broker giving a trading platform to its customers at low brokerage cost. Its all about understanding the customer’s needs and thus helping him guide through the maze of financial products available in the market with the best possible services and professional guidance. Our experienced team of professionals will guide you to make the right choice tailored to your requirement. More than a Lakh people have benefitted by associating with Ashika.

For us, the bottom line has always been your trust. We have always focused on providing the best service through passion and innovation. Long-term advantages to our clients and partners have been our strengths. We believe in cultivating relationships.

Detailed research, a high standard of delivery, a large basket of services and an intricate network of associates provide you with the perfect scope for growth.

Ashika has been a leading player for nearly two decades. Our chart of progress has been augmented through fair deal and ethical trade. An excellent track record will surely provide you with the added advantage in the financial market.

Our associates will benefit from Ashika’s infrastructure, reputation and marketing tools. With us, they would also find conducive environment to cultivate their entrepreneurial skills.

A climate of ethical professionalism, transparency and years of experience allow our stakeholders to climb the ladder of success. So why stay out when you can grow and prosper with us?

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