Committed to your
long-term financial well-being

Ashika is one of India's largest diversified financial services providers helping individuals, companies, funds and institutions, raise, trade, manage and distribute their wealth and assets.

We take charge of your financial wellbeing.

After working with 1,00,000 people, learning about their hopes and fears about investment, and managing billions in wealth, we have created a simple formula.

Investments (secure + liquid + productive) = financial wellbeing

This means, investing in a product that is stable and robust, reliable so you have it when you need it most, and is unique to you, your needs, preferences and your risk tolerance.

At Ashika, Financial Wellbeing means, that you have a companion in us that is growing and sharing with you.

Mr. Pawan Jain Founder, Ashika Group

27+ years of working together
250+ team
350+ broking partners
125000+ clients
100+ institutional clients
$200mn+ AUA for wealth management
$250mn+ investment banking transactions


What's New

The Ashika Advantage

01. Something for Everybody

Whether you are an individual, institutional investor, HNI investor, or a corporate looking at a capital allocation or a startup raising money, we have a plethora of packages and products that we can recommend to fit your goals, needs, and preferences.

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02. Cutting-Edge/ Future-Focused

In a world moving at unprecedented speeds, the industry demands astute and breakthrough thinking & the ability to adapt to the changing regulatory landscape, and the foresight to know what might emerge and how to leverage it.

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03. A Generation of Trust

What's been a fundamental pillar in both is us living by our motto. "Growing and sharing with you.". This holds true, whether it is our team, their families, our clients, and the larger community for over 25 years.

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04. You're in Good Company

We work with some of the best in the country, including the largest mutual funds, the largest cloud kitchen brand, and the best restaurant. We also work with top real estate developers in Mumbai.

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Our Perspectives

We're obsessed with making you successful. we pride ourselves in knowing your needs, We spend countless hours of research, in-house processes, understanding probabilities, gauging market forces so we give you a holistic view to assist your decision making.